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Copyright Compliance for Classroom Instruction : Copyright Compliance for Classroom Instruction

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Reproducing or copying of copyrighted materials for students learning and research use without obtaining permission may occur in the following instances

  • Course packs ( Print or Electronic)  compilation of readings selected from a variety of sources for an academic course in any term to serve as supplement in place of a text book
  • Reading list : a list of recommended sources on a topic compiled by faculty or librarian for distribution to students enrolled in a course
  • Reserves (Open or closed): materials that are given shorter loan period for a term to ensure that all the enrolled students for a course have the opportunity to use the materials. Items on closed reserves must be used in library premises. Faculty may put personal copies on reserve at their own risk. 

Please refer to the tabs HBS Materials, HBR Audio Visual Materials, Journal Article, E Book, Books, Music & Audio, Streaming videos from online streaming services, Content in Open Access, Additional Guidelines, Term of Copyright, Obtaining Permissions, Library Resource link for Moodle. Please use below forms  for obtaining permission for course pack.

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This resource pack has been created to provide general, practical guidance on copyright matters and cannot be relied upon as a comprehensive legal obligation of individuals on copyright nor a substitute for advice for particular cases or situations. Users are encouraged to seek help by sending an email to

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